"Training for both ends of the leash!"

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​​Welcome to Bankhouse Barkers Dog Training Club!

Where the training is fun, effective and focused on success.
We are committed to providing the most modern, reward based, force free dog training.
We actively encourage utilising whatever your dog loves the most to motivate them to work for you, be that food, toys, play or praise.

​Don't just struggle on!
We can offer you the training to set you and your upon the path to a great problem free life together.  

We offer agility training in group classes as well as in 1:1 sessions for dogs who perhaps don't learn as well in a group situation.  Agility training can be a truly great relationship building activity that will help to create a really focused dog. We teach everyone with a view to eventually competing, as we feel this is the safest and most effective way to train agility. Though there is no requirement that you have to compete and many people join us to spend some quality time with their dogs, training and having fun! 

We additionally offer pet dog, life skills training. This is where we can work with you to address most everyday dog training issues .
We offer short courses and workshops on a variety of training topics. The most popular being training sessions focused on improving your dogs recall, or to help with pulling on the lead. We also offer training on a 1:1 basis to address other general pet dog training issues.

Perhaps you've just welcomed a new puppy into your family. If so it's vital that throughout the first early weeks, you begin to lay a solid foundation for all your future happy years together.
A new puppy is an exciting addition to the family but its easy to quickly become overwhelmed by the enormity of caring for your furry bundle of energy. This is often the time when you need some help and advice on puppy training issues. We can help with anything from understanding how to correctly socialise your puppy, managing puppy biting/mouthing, introduction to collar and lead, house training, crate training and all the seemingly mundane but essential in bits between.